TRIALS.AI IS HUMANIZING THE RESEARCH INDUSTRY BY TELLING REAL STORIES ABOUT THE IMPACT THAT EFFECTIVE TREATMENTS CAN HAVE ON REAL LIVES. is starting an “I’m the Why” social media campaign, similar to Humans of New York, where we share the stories of the people who are the WHY behind what we’re doing. Our goal is to humanize the often sterile research industry by telling real stories about the impact that effective treatments can make on real lives.

We recently talked to a woman with ALS – she shared about the progression of her disease. If an effective treatment isn’t found soon, she will lose the ability to feed herself within months – she is in a wheelchair but her mind is sharp and her zest for life is clear. She’s the WHY behind what we’re doing.

Your story may seem less dramatic than that of our new friend, but your story is important to us. Your story, your daily struggle, may pave the way for a research team to invest their lives in your cause.

Are you ready to share your story? You may have alopecia and silently struggle through the fear of unwanted hair loss, or you may suffer from Crohn’s disease with chronic and debilitating pain. Your story may look more like migraines, ADD, cancer or anxiety – you’ve tried every remedy – natural and modern – with no relief. What would life look like if there were an effective cure?

Share your story on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #ImTheWhy for your chance to be featured on our site and social media. Every story deserves to be shared and we want to be the ones to give you a platform to be heard!


Meet the real people who are the WHY behind what is doing

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