We help teams

design better clinical

trials with AI



Because patients don’t have time to wait

Trials.ai is reimagining how clinical trials are researched and planned by removing the barriers between data and end-users.

We believe the #1, most important way to improve clinical trials is by designing the best possible trial from the start.

Combining state of the art AI technology with clinical research expertise we derive deep insights from trial-related documents aggregated from both customers and the public domain.

Our AI technology is not meant to replace critical thinking minds, but rather arm research teams with smarter tools and recommendations for creating successful trials.

Across therapeutic areas

The system cross-compares data across all therapeutic areas from past trials, medical journals, thought leaders, clinical, regulatory agencies and other trial-related documents to find similarities, provide recommendations and points of interest.

Smart Protocol Builder

Optimize clinical trial protocols for speed and success with insights and recommendations for:


Complex detailed search

Inclusion / Exclusion

Study Design

Outcome measurements

Statistical Analysis Plan

Protocol Feasibility

Country Feasibility

Site Score

Patient Burden Indes TM



Optimize for Time, Cost, Patient Burden & Risk

Think of the system as the best second opinion you’ve ever had. The result is an optimized trial that ultimately enables a new treatment to reach patients faster— all through the lens of time, cost, and patient centricity powered by our Patient Burden Index™.

Understanding the impact of proposed trial interactions on study subjects is critical to the success of your trial. Our Patient Burden Index™ takes into account multiple factors that can lead to difficulties in recruitment and retention.

Our algorithms look for potential pitfalls to your trial design that might need to be flagged and adjusted. Get real-time feedback about how each decision you make affects time, cost, patient burden and risk.

Let’s make trials better and faster, together!

Our AI Platform

Our AI platform helps you to optimize trial protocols by mining massive amounts of trial-related source documents for researchers – all with an intelligence that comes from targeted training/tuning of our algorithms with our proprietary clinical trial specific ontology.

We provide added scope, depth and breadth to your research by leveraging state of the art NLP, NLU and machine learning technologies to surface insights like never before.