Design the Best Clinical Trial for your Therapy

We believe the #1, most important way to improve clinical trials is by designing the best possible trial from the start.  We built the platform to enable sponsors to make better, data driven decisions that optimize trials for speed and success. 

Find out how to get started TODAY! is a platform that reimagines how clinical trials are researched and planned. It starts with removing the barriers between data and end-users. 

Despite all of the advances in medicine over the past 40 years, clinical trials remain a complex, arduous process and the output of this research is often unstructured and difficult to analyze, aggregate, and incorporate in new clinical research projects. ingests that data and turns it into valuable insights and recommendations to optimize clinical trial protocols.

Protocol Insights & Recommendations

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Our NLP Platform

Our AI platform helps you to optimize your study designs by mining massive amounts of related source documents so that you don’t have to – all with an intelligence that comes with our targeted training/tuning with healthcare and specifically trials domain data. We have a fully developed pipeline of NLP processors that provide Native support for Microsoft Word & PDFs.


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