Bring New Treatments

To Patients Faster leverages artificial intelligence to optimize clinical trials for speed and success

Because patients don’t have time to wait

Design & Conduct Better Clinical Trials

To bring new treatments to patients faster, there needs to be a more effective way to design & conduct clinical trials. Not just digitized systems, but better processes that make it easier for everyone involved.

Trial Sponsors

Empower Trial Sponsors in real-time with feedback, insights, and predictions based on the health of their trial.

Study Designers

Provide MD’s, PI’s & their Medical writing team with intelligent tools to optimize protocols for faster, more successful trials.

ClinOps Teams

Eliminate unnecessary Clinical Operations burden for sites and monitors so they can focus on what really matters.

Trial Subjects

Make it easier for patients to enroll and engage in trials through technology they use everyday.

Read the latest published paper by our Chief Scientist, Dr. David Fogel

Factors associated with clinical trials that fail and opportunities for improving the likelihood of success: A Review

AI For Protocol Design And Execution


We’re leveraging NLP & Deep Learning to help Life Science organizations optimize their protocol designs. Our system learns from all kinds of sources, like genomic data, past clinical trials, journal articles and more to help Life Science organizations build their best studies.


We’re bringing intelligent technology to ClinOps and Life Science Sponsors that help in areas like clinical trials workflows and management, data collection, adverse event reporting, protocol adherence, and real-time study health analytics.

Success Stories

“Although my team is small, has enabled us to conduct multiple studies by reducing our administrative duties by about 33% & reduced data errors by 20%. It would have been impossible to run our trials had we not switched from our previous system to”

Dr. Irene Su – Moores Cancer Center

Principal Investigator,

Alex Arrow

“ alerted me to threats in my protocol that could have been a real problem. Once the protocol was optimized and the workflow was in place – gave us total clarity into our trials’ health which included site performance metrics. Armed with that real-time information, we were able to make smart business decisions based on the health of our study.”

Dr. Alex Arrow – Zelegent